We call ourselves “partners” as we don’t consider ourselves to be just suppliers, but something more. The supplier and the sales person need to cooperate and communicate in order to meet customers most demanding expectations.

Partners in Bespoke would like to be the connection between someone offering a product / service and the one that is supposed to sell it. We would like to transform this “supply chain” into a partnership and work out with both parties the best way to set it up in order to make sure that both will get the best out of it.

Production in Europe

We believe that production in Europe is possible and that it provides a great opportunity for small, artisanal and traditional manufacturers.

We started focusing mainly on European companies, since they give us more guarantees of good quality and fair trade, but we do not exclude future collaborations with non-EU countries, as long as they are able to meet our standards.

Quality Not Price

Quality is our priority. Not only the quality of the products themselves, but also the processes, the respect for people and the environment.

Prices reflect all this, so we know that if something is cheap it means that somewhere someone or something is paying it at a very high cost.

We want only the best products traded in the fairest way.

Focus on Small Quantities

Made to measure / Bespoke is about unique single item productions, which means that most of our customers need to buy small quantities of different items.

Our aim is to make sure that this will not be an obstacle, that you don’t have minimum quantities for your orders. We will provide you with only exactly what you need.

And if you have a special request, you just need to contact us. We will be pleased to help you.