What is Bespoke?

Definition of Bespoke: “to give order for it to be made” (Bailey, Nathan (1756). An Universal Etymological English Dictionary. R. Ware.)

Partners in Bespoke is an innovative platform for Made to Measure and Bespoke.

Here you can find products, services, information and all the answers to questions concerning the manufacturing, presentation, sales and distribution of unique, customized and bespoke items.

Made to Measure/Bespoke

Bespoke embodies traditional, tailored, handcraft-made production – the person that manufactures the product for you, will also meet with you in person, discuss the details and options/variations and take your measurements.

Made to Measure is the industrial development of the traditional tailoring. Based on a trial set and cutting edge ordering processes, it enables the production of single pieces, all personalized and designed for the specific needs of each customer.

For Sales People

Already running a business in MTM? Considering starting you own?

Here you can find products, accessories, manufacturers, information and a variety of services that are essential in developing you Made to Measure/Bespoke business.

For Consumers

Welcome to Partners in Bespoke. We hope you will find answers to your questions and that you`ll discover something new. If you have a further question, please don’t hesitate to contact us

For other Service Partners

In order to maximize the added value we give to our customers, we are constantly looking for new opportunities, services and professionals.

Are you a professional offering a specialized service that could be of interest to our partners? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and provide us with a short description of your service.

Some examples of services we are currently looking for:

  • Style and colour advisor: How to choose the right colour. What is a black tie and how does one dress properly at the office party if you are the CEO? How does one avoid being overdressed whilst still having a good taste?
  • Personal shopper: Are you a trained sales assistant working within a shop network?
  • Do you offer trainings and consultations on how to do make up (for women but also for men), how to choose the right hair cut, etc?
  • Photographer, Video Designer for photo shootings, videos, photo books and new media presence.

For Producers

Do you produce single pieces of high quality, personalized products? Looking for new customers?

This is a new and amazing opportunity for small, high quality production entities (small companies but also artisans, ateliers…) based in Europe: “Ordered to be Made” – there is not pre-set volume, no pre-ordering. Only single piece production and no economies of scale possible.

Partners in Bespoke can help you to set up an international sales and distribution structure. We can provide direct access to distributors and high end retailers specifically in the Made to Measure/Bespoke market segment.

Are you a manufacturer? Want to find out more about us?