Italian brand with quality and innovation in production of shirting fabrics


Canclini has reached its current position as a reference point for quality, styling, service, research and innovation in the production of Italian shirting because its inherent passion has permitted it to achieve a dream. In a sector subject to increasingly rapid change and variations in style, Canclini has set itself certain objectives for the future. It intends to be more aware of the market and customer demands and to become recognized as a guarantor of quality and styling, with its combination of cutting edge technology and vast experience.

The company is situated in Guanzato, Province of Como in Lombardy. For Italians, famous in world for their great sense of style and amazing accessories, fashion is not just about clothes itself. It’s all about attitude – an attitude of custom-made, quality and sophistication.

“For Canclini, the quality is an absolute that requires constant verification and dialogue with the latest technologies and the expectations of the most demanding customers.”

Their work

We believe the quality requires constant verification and dialogue with the latest technologies and the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The two annual collections constitute the concrete and coherent style proposals that Canclini presents to the fashion world. Always keeping faith with its own tradition, the company renews its fabrics each season. Together with the annual collections, we offer also over 800 different fabrics that are like collection of classics available to our customers that require immediate delivery.

Canclini fabrics are made exclusively from compact single yarns and long staple twisted yarns in pure Egyptian cotton and linen, which have undergone stringent tests right from the harvesting of the raw material. The cotton has been chosen because of its cleanness, gloss and sheen, like the rare very long staple Giza 45 cotton. Special care is dedicated to the choice of yarn is fundamental for the production of luxury, high quality fabrics with the characteristics of natural sheen, soft handle and resistance to wear.

Their Story

The story of Canclini started over 80 years ago, founded in 1925 by Giuseppe Canclini when the company was set up as part of the silk industry in the Como area. Three generations later it is still managed by the Canclini family.

Through creativity, tradition, dedication and customer service Canclini Tessile has developed into one of the most important companies specialized in the production of fabrics for shirting genuinely Made in Italy.