Partners-in-Bespoke is an online platform where you can find everything you need to set up or develop a Made to Measure / Bespoke business:


Register on our online shop, find a wide offer of buttons (horn, mother-of-pearl), linings (viscose, silk, cupro), interlinings (horse hair, wool, linen) and much more.
We would like to emphasize there are NO MINIMUM QUANTITIES, no need to buy quantities, you can buy exactly the quantity /meters you need.
Please consider: Our prices are set up for no minimum quantities / meters. If you are interested into buying bigger quantities please contact us and we will provide you with more competitive prices.


Would you like to buy already cut length of fabrics? Just contact us!

Start ups:

Would you like to start your own business and need some support? We can help you.

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Training and seminar:

a) Guide to Cloth: this training is a fabric training where you will learn the basics about materials, spinning, weaving and fabrics.

b) Learning by Going: we organize trips to locations where you can learn about a specific product in a place where it has been made:
In Huddersfield, Yorkshire (England) we guide you through all the process and you learn about spinning, weaving and finishing of a fabric. Visit some of the few remaining traditional companies in Europe together with us!
In South Africa we take you on a trip where you can learn more about mohair. What does a Mohair goat look like? How does the making of mohair wool looks like? We give you answers to all these questions!

c) All about Wool: in cooperation with the Woolmark company and famous tradename we will propose trainings and seminars about wool.

Use our Database of Suppliers:

We are constantly looking for new manufacturers and products that you can personalize. You might find some interesting offers.
We believe that selling is not just about the product itself. Naturally, it has to be exceptionally well made and of superior quality in terms of materials and performance.
However, we also believe that what really makes the difference for the consumerĀ“s buying experience is actually the sales person.