SCABAL Fabrics – A passion for cloth

From the day Scabal was founded in 1938, the company has been driven by the desire to achieve a single goal; To bring the joy of stylish and personalised sartorial clothing to the world’s most discerning gentlemen.
The mission has guided the company for more than 75 years and is the reference point for everything that Scabal create. True luxury has never been bestowed simply by price, but rather by the evident passion, heritage and values that can be seen within an item.
Every cloth has been lovingly crafted by Scabal in a family atmosphere, using traditional European workshops, responsible production methods and the finest raw materials.

Throughout Scabal’s illustrious history they have been experimenting with techniques, technology and materials in weaving, seeking to push the boundaries whenever they can. The culmination of these efforts is embodied in their Special Editions and finest cloth collections.

Their Services
SCABAL is one of the pioneers if not the first one offering the COUPON SERVICE, a system where samples of material are provided to customers, initially mainly tailors, but today also to shops and designers offering MTM, for orders with NO MINIMU QUANTITY.
After about 80 years in business, the service of Scabal today consists of:

– FABRICS IN STOCK:  over 5000 high quality fabrics in stock, from Super 100’s up to Super 250’s, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, vicuna, etc.

– BUNCHES:  all the fabrics are organized in bunches, containing up to 90 fabrics of a certain quality / selection; at the moment there are about 80 bunches on the market.

– COLLECTIONS:  every season Scabal’s designers develop 10 to 15 new fabric qualities and for each quality, 30 to 40 new designs and colors

– IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT:  all the fabrics are in stock available for immediate shipment of cut lengths

– No minimum quantities, you can order exactly the metrage needed for the single garment to produce / order

– High level resolution photos and details of the whole fabric collection free accessible through our online catalogue on (no password or login required)

– Prompt delivery, using UPS/FedEx

– Daily updated bunch report with the availability of each single fabric.

All the fabrics of the Scabal collection are produced in Italy or Great Britain, where Scabal has his own mill.

“Here at Scabal we weave 500 years of passion directly into our collections and we believe our customers can recognize the efforts of such devotion.“
Their work
Their expertise in cloth dates back to the founding of their heritage mill, which has been weaving on the same English river for nearly 500 years, and is famous across the world for its quality. Everything at Scabal begins with cloth, and they are devoted to evolving the entire industry, as well as their products.
By creating in these ways, Scabal believes that you can feel the joy that is woven into every thread, and think of the brand not only as providers of the highest quality cloths, but also a partner in the things you enjoy in life.

Each season Scabal releases a new cloth collection. Typically these feature an average of 450 new fabrics, which are added to the 5000 that are available for next-day delivery worldwide.
Creating a range of cloths that live up to Scabal’s reputation and heritage requires more than just a creative flair for new designs. Each fabric is the result of extensive experimentation with raw materials, weaving techniques and finishing.

“Modern technology and the ever-present possibilities of digital are major achievements of mankind and while we fully embrace the enormous opportunities they present, they should never outweigh or obliterate the importance of human involvement in the production and presentation of a quality product – the human touch. It is with this thought in mind that we very strongly support craftsmanship, human skill and expertise at every level of our brand”

– Gregor Thissen, SCABAL Chairman

Their Story
It was in 1938 that the founder of Scabal, a skilled second-generation cloth merchant named Otto Hertz, brought buyers and manufacturers together to form an international enterprise. This new company was eventually named the Société Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande et Luxembourgeoise (Commercial Society of England, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg) and given the moniker Scabal for easier pronunciation across languages.

Scabal on Savile Row
The center of the tailoring universe for nearly 300 years, it is home to the world’s greatest tailors, many of who still hand craft suits for the world’s most discerning gentlemen.
For nearly all of its 75-year history, Scabal has been present on this sartorial street.
In the early days as a cloth merchant and weaver, Scabal built its reputation on delivering the finest fabrics to these master-tailors and the company’s bunch books still sit in nearly every parlour upon the street today.
It was the highly selective taste of these craftsmen customers that drove the development of Scabal’s Special Edition cloth collections, which still stand at the pinnacle of English made cloth.
In 1971 Scabal moved into the street proper, when it inherited the window at No.12 Savile Row. Today this building still houses the Scabal Club, which is staffed by a team of cloth merchants, style experts and traveling tailors, as well as being stocked by the company’s full offering of fine fabrics and luxurious menswear.