RESELLERS of Made to Measure and Bespoke

INTRODUCTION for RESELLERS of Made to Measure and Bespoke 

The products and services of Partners in Bespoke are targeted to a range of different actors in the tailoring business market segment. What they all have in common is the fact they all produce Personalised, single pieces.

1) TRADITIONAL TAILORS: the original in the tailoring business, is defined by the fact that one person is taking the measurements, preparing the patterns and then also manufacturing the garments. That is what is considered the real “BESPOKE”
– The pattern that is created shall be suitable only for this one single person
– can be both for men and women but normally oriented more towards suits, jackets and formalwear

2) WOMEN COUTURE: is also “handmade” garments but normally more oriented towards Women and more sophisticated dresses and similar creations.

3) MADE TO MEASURE BOUTIQUE: is a shop that is specialized in single garments productions, but where the garments are not made in the shop but are manufactured by an specialized suppliers.
– here we can have shops that
a) have only MADE TO MEASURE and where you cannot find READY MADE garments you can take with you directly
b) have also collections of READY MADE garments, normally in the casual area.

4) FABRIC SHOP: Is a shop that is offering MATERIALS to the consumers, normally here you can find all sorts of fabrics, accessoires and materials necessary to manufacture a garment

5) In general called ATELIER are the structures that are manufacturing single piece garments for a specific purpose, normally in connection or part of Theaters, Opera’s and other showbusiness structures.

→ If you recognize yourself in one of these categories and you would like to know more about our service, don’t hesitate to contact us.

FOR CONSUMERS: if you are a CONSUMER that is looking for a referenced shop / Tailor in a certain area, you are welcome to contact us at and we would be glad to direct you to one of our partners.

Lorenzo Berti

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