Lorenzo Berti

Aravinda Rodenburg

The young belgian tailor generation

As one of the best Belgian bespoke tailors, a personal clothing is sacred to young and passionate Aravinda Rodenburg. He is always wearing perfect fitted suits and accessories that are essentials for his elegant and stylish appearance. Rodenburg represents a craftsman and a gentleman at the same time.
Lorenzo Berti

Noureddine Ayari

Handcrafted suits in the centre of Brussels

Noureddine Ayari entered a world of tailoring early as a boy and since then he has been working for different companies and ateliers all over Europe. At the age of 54, Ayari took a big decision in his career and opened his own atelier in Rue de la Pépinière 10a in Brussels.
Lorenzo Berti

Lorenzo Berti

Italian sartorial boutique in Wallonia

Lorenzo Berti presents you a true Italian inspired style exclusively in his tailor shop “Sartoria Lorenzo Berti”.
Lorenzo Berti

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