All TAILORING and MADE TO MEASURE business offer single piece and customized products; that means a lot of small orders, of details and specific requests and needs. More than ever it is extremely important to be able to find SUPPLIERS that are able to provide the services / products required.

It is part of the mission of the platform Partners in Bespoke to identify good suppliers, test their products and services, and re-propose them to our customers. We won’t be able to offer a 100% guarantee that everything will work perfectly, unfortunately that does not exist, but we will be able to make sure the same mistake won’t be repeated over and over.

This is a long and difficult process, as we are responsible towards our customers for the services and products we are promoting, but we are glad that we have found already a good range of trusted partners.

If you are interested in the products / services proposed or if you are looking for something you would like to have our help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lorenzo Berti


A Passion for Cloth 

  • Coupon Service
  • 5000 fabrics in stock
  • ca 60 collections in form of Bunches
  • no minimum quantities

Scabal is one of the leading suppliers of high quality and luxurious fabrics for retailers, designers and tailors all over the world. Our products are known for the quality of the fabrics and for the taste of the designs, suitable for men and for women garments. More…

Lorenzo Berti


CANCLINI – high quality shirt fabrics by PIB:

  • about 80 PiB Cards with samples of Canclini Shirt Fabric
  • 500 best sellers
  • COUPON SERVICE, no minimum quantities
  • never out of stock

Canclini has reached its current position as a reference point for quality, styling, service, research and innovation in the production of Italian shirting because its inherent passion has permitted it to achieve a dream. In a sector subject to increasingly rapid change and variations in style, Canclini has set itself certain objectives for the future. It intends to be more aware of the market and customer demands and to become recognized as a guarantor of quality and styling, with its combination of cutting edge technology and vast experience.​. More…

Lorenzo Berti


KLEMON FASHION – quality without compromise

  • MTM shirts for men
  • MTM blouses for women
  • Stock service fabrics
  • CMT with own fabrics
Klemon Fashion provides a wide range of possibilities of personalization and optional design features including the quick production of men´s made to measure shirts without limitation of minimum quantity. The production of made to measure shirts can be done based on body or shirt measurements, or by the modification of standard tabular sizes.

The compact service of the production of men´s made to measure shirts. A wide range of parameters, designs, materials and other possibilities of personalization.

.​. More…