“Ordered to be Made” means that there is no pre-set volume and no pre-ordering. Only single piece production, personalized and customized.

We believe that the requirements of a successful “made to measure” supply structure are:

  • High quality products and materials: otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to obtain the necessary price to provide this service.
  • Extreme efficiency: all the parts of the entire process have to intertwine perfectly, any problem can cost time and time is money.
  • Sample material, trial set and trainings: the sales person needs to be properly trained in order to present the product. This means feeling very comfortable with the system and manage it easily.
  • Communication: as every order is different, only if the communication is perfect then the consumer’s expectations will meet reality.
  • Flexibility and customer oriented approach: the customer is the king and seeing as he will pay a high price he expect “the red carpet”, luxury treatment.
  • Partnership: There will only be an order if the sales person manages to sell a suit. The main objective of the manufacturer must be to provide the sales person with the best possible support.
  • Trust: Consider having to tell a customer, one day before his wedding, that his suit is not ready. Naturally, trust in the manufacturer is essential when making orders. You will only order the suit if you know that your manufacturer will do everything they can to deliver on time.
We have a global network of customers and distribution structures in more than 15 countries. We would be happy to share with you our experience in setting up international distribution structures for Made-to-Measure and Bespoke products.
We believe that only if the highest standards are achieved, in addition to the best service and performance, will it be possible to obtain the required price in order to ensure a long term profitable business structure in our niche market.
If you are a supplier who is interested in cooperating with us, please register and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.
PLEASE NOTE: At this stage, there is no obligation. Please fill in what you feel comfortable with, as further details can be discussed at a later stage. The more information you can provide us with the better, as we will be able to understand how we can best work together.

Technological development and globalization have made it possible to not return to single piece production. At Partners in Bespoke we believe in:  

  • Highest quality standards
  • High level of personalization and performance
  • Single pieces volumes
  • Production on demand
  • Orders based on sample sets
  • Sophisticated IT structure

If you agree on the above and you would be interested in discussing a cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact us.