Scabal Fabrics – Bunches and Collections

SCABAL fabric – Bunches

The Scabal fabrics are organized in BUNCHES, containing up to 70-80 fabrics. These bunches are manufactured in house in Brussels, therefore only a very limited number is available.
– each season Scabal launches between 5 and 10 new bunches, distributed amongst existing and new customers.
– in order to be considered in the attribution a customer shall have
1) an existing turnover
2) transmitted the request justified by a real potential.
PLEASE NOTICE: not all the requests can be satisfied, but we always try to provide something suitable.


Pictures and Details of all the Scabal fabrics are accessible in the online catalogue of Scabal on – no Login or Password required.
– if you click on BUNCH REPORT you can access and download the updated AVAILABILITY list of the Scabal fabrics.


Based on a selection made in the online catalogue, any existing or potential customer can ask for small quality feelers of 10x6cm that are provided FREE of Charge
(in some cases the customer might be asked for the transport costs)


if you would like to receive more Scabal bunches, you are welcome to share with us the details about:

  • The bunches that you have
  • The bunches that you DON’T have but would like to receive: check I NEED

For prices please contact

*** if you have any question or if you need something else, don’t hesitate to contact me at, normally I answer very fast.