The young belgian tailor generation

As one of the best Belgian bespoke tailors, personal clothing is sacred to young and passionate Aravinda Rodenburg. He is always wearing perfect fitted suits and accessories that are essentials for his elegant and stylish appearance. Rodenburg represents a craftsman and a gentleman at the same time.

If you enter the Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof in Gent, there you can find Aravinda in his big atelier, just across the reception, working on his client`s orders with a great concentration and care.

If you wish to make an appointment, you can contact him on 049850 08 75 or write him an e-mail on

“The handmade suit breaths out the personality of a person wearing it. “

His Work

Personalized tailoring – the fitting of confection garment – still happens, but following the bespoke basics, the suit must be made from the scratch in order to fit perfectly to the body of the client. To make one suit, it takes around 52 hours and 3 fittings.

In order to perfect his tailoring, Aravinda followed different courses. Among others, the course with Edward Sexton, a big name in the bespoke world. “He owns a shop in Savile Row, the world famous tailor`s street in London. At least once a year, I go to visit him. The profession still is more lively there than here. You find everything there – the most beautiful buttons, the most profound knowledge, the best fabrics.”

Among others, the singer Will Tura, actor Werner de Smedt and architect Bob Van Reeth are one of his famous clients. “The handmade suit breaths out the personality of a person wearing it. “ – says Aravinda. “It is like art to really understand the person. Who is he? How does he feel? What does he want to be? To make a suit, it means sculpting it, to form it according to your model. You can do that only if you take time to get to know your customer. You have to feel the person, to build a relationship. In every suit that I make, lies a piece of psychology.”

His Story

Choosing the bespoke tailoring as a profession is not an obvious or popular choice. Since the industrial confection rise in the Fifties, there are nearly no more people working in this craft, let alone young people who choose tailoring as their future career. “My mother was a tailor, so the apple didn`t fall far from the tree. The real skill I learned from Guido Vanpoecke, a tailor from Roeselare to whom I owe a lot of knowledge. I love the truthfulness of this job. I have control over every step in the process. Everything is clear and neat, that makes me calm.”

“I have students as customers that saved up money to order a suit – as much as business men who can easily afford a new suit. The price of the bespoke suit depends on the quality of the fabric. If you opt for a basic fabric, then the price goes around 1800 euros, but if you want something more exclusive, then it can cost even 25 000 euros.”

To see more about Aravinda`s work, check his website.