Scabal Autumn Winter 2022-23 Sales Support Material

Scabal Autumn Winter 2022-23 MARKETING & SALES SUPPORT

Scabal’s autumn-winter stretches across fabrics new and beloved, technical and tactile, casual and luxury. This season a new fabric collection called Savile Row has been created to celebrate our 50 year anniversary in Savile Row, London. You will also discover the exquisite Fascination collection, the ultimate combination of wool, cashmere and vicuna ideal to create a garment of distinction.  To end the year in style, a new Festival collection makes its appearance on the red carpet with a rich choice of new luxury fabrics.

The new imagery of Scabal Fabrics Collection Autumn Winter 2022-23

All the material that has been prepared is available for you for download and use on any media or promotion.

– I would be glad if you would use this material in the communication with your customers, but please make sure that you NEVER indicate a price. If you really need to indicate a price, it has to be of at least 1000€ for a suit made of Scabal fabrics.

– Please always refer to “Scabal fabrics” when you promote these qualities and avoid sentences that could be understood as referring to a garment of the Scabal Ready-Made Garments.

If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Benjamin Hegermann
Sales Representative

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We are delighted to present the new imagery to support the Scabal collections AUTUMN WINTER 2022-23 season. This imagery is available for you to use in the following ways:

  • Local Advertising
  • Website
  • PR online
  • PR in print
  • Social Media Channels
  • In-Store Windows
  • In-Store Displays
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Digital promotional materials including emails

If you need any help or have any questions regarding the use of our collection images or if you require images at a higher resolution, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Seasonal Videos

VIDEOS – the marketing team of Scabal has prepared a range of Films:

  1. a presentation of the fabrics in the new SCABAL BUNCHES for:

  2. a MARKETING FILM based on an artistic 3D concept
    – for each bunch a different concept has been imagined
  3.  the presentation of the new edition of the FESTIVAL collection

SPECIAL ACTION SAVILE ROW: This year is the 50 years of Scabal in SAVILE ROW, we will take opportunity of this occasion to celebrate this street that has become a symbol of Luxury and Tailoring.

MAILING: don’t hesitate to check out the new version of the Scabal “mailing”, proven to be a very successful marketing tool if used correctly.

Marketing Video Autumn Winter 2022-23

To save the video: right mouse click and “save video”

Marketing Video Autumn Winter 2022-23

To save the video: right mouse click and “save video”


These are the new Scabal bunches for this AUTUMN WINTER 2022-23

For each bunch there is:
– Marketing Film: artistic 3D inspired digital version of the collection
– a social media version (square format) 

PLEASE NOTICE: to download high resolution pictures and access further marketing material prepared for specific bunches, please access the BUNCH PAGE.


finest quality fine rib cord


British Suitings


Anniversary Collection – 50 years Scabal in Savile Row


Perfectly paired designs – 1+1=4


Special Selection of Flannels


Super 150’s milled finish stretch


Fashionable Winter Jackets 


Winter Luxury – 100% Cashmere jacketings


The most precious Materials – Cashmere & Vicuna – SUITINGS


Ceremonial & Showbusiness

LOOKBOOK A/W 2022-23


Here you can download the PDF of the LOOKBOOK AW2022-23;


Here you can download the LOOKBOOK SUMMER 2022

PRINTED VERSION – Still some printed LOOKBOOKS available, clich HERE for more details. 

AUTUMN WINTER 2022-23 – Other Marketing Tools

These are a range of tools that we can propose you, details, conditions and prices to be discussed directly. if you have any further question, proposal need or requirement, don’t hesitate to sent it to me. 


SEASONAL SPECIAL OFFER Each Season you can select between 2 and max 5 bunches (depends on the turnover) where I can offer you a special price.
The aim would be:
→ to make some of the Scabal fabrics more accessible for your customers
→ Enable you to push your favorite collections
PERSONAL USE & PRESENTATION GARMENTS What you wear is also what you sell, and especially more sophisticated, fashionable fabrics, you have to show made in a garment. 
→ I can offer you a DISCOUNT for what you want to wear yourself or what you want to put in the window.
EVENT & PROMOTION If you are planning a promotion / event let me know we can always discuss:
– a SPECIAL OFFER for a specific collection for 1 month
*** please notice here down the Scabal Mailing!

if you have any question on one of these topics don’t hesitate to contact me, my email is


– about NEW and EXISTING –


The Scabal bunches are made internally in the Atelier of Scabal and therefore available only in a very limited quantity. At the moment we can satisfy about 1 in 3 requests for bunches and not always what is requested. Simply because the demand is much higher than what can be produced. 

AUTUMN WINTER 2022-23 – personalised MAILING

Mailings can be used to announce the arrival of Scabal’s new collection, promote an in-store tailoring event, or simply send some information to your customers. You can personnalize one page of the mailing in you preferred language. You can also select a swatch of your favorite fabric.

provide the information below to

Type of mailer: print or digital
2. Type of paper: original or eco
3. AW22 Collection : Corduroy, Tornado, Savile Row, Hybrid, Flannel & Saxony, Sapphire, Fascination (Suiting) or
Escape, St Moritz, Festival (Jacketing)
4. Provide your personnalised text + contact detail and high resolution logo (in EPS or AI format)
5. Confirm whether you want your logo and address printed on the envelop (in Black)
6. Confirm whether you want a printed swatch or a real fabric swatch
7. Your information:
– Name
– Client number
– E-mail address
– Delivery address
– Requested delivery date (which will be confirmed once we receive the briefing)
– Invoicing details
Please note:
– Envelopes and/or inserts can only be ordered with a mailer, not separately.
– Orders can only be processed when this information is correctly submitted.
– Quantities are specific (min. order: 150 ex.)
– Delivery takes place within 15 working days after layout confirmation of personalised assets and depending on the

SCABAL Marketing on

all the information above, higher resolution pictures, films and the Archive can be accessed / downloaded on this dropbox link set up by the Mkt Dept. of Scabal:


  • Verify ALWAYS the availability of the fabric in the online catalogue on
  • here you can also access DETAILS and PICTURES of ALL the Scabal FABRICS, no login or password required
  • Reserve the fabric if you need a few days to finalize the order and you want to be sure


HANK YOU VERY MUCH for your interest. if you have any question, proposal comment doubt or if you just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to contact me at