Handcrafted suits in centre of Brussels

Noureddine Ayari entered a world of tailoring early, as a boy and since then he has been working for different companies and ateliers all over Europe. At the age of 54, Noureddine Ayari took the biggest decision in his career and opened his own atelier in Rue de la Pépinière 10a in Brussels. A traditional tailor, with his experience and golden hands, surely will make your garments the best possible with exclusive fabrics. You can find him every day there working until late hours on his clients orders.

If you wish to make an appointment, you can contact him on 0475 77 43 14 or write him an e-mail on

“I believe there is a good future for tailoring. A big change is happening and fashion is once more focused on hand work and craftsmanship. The only issue there is a big gap the generations – seems today there is more stylists than tailors – but I see new generations taking more interest on traditional tailoring skills.”

His Work

He works with equal passion on all the garments, from suits for men and dresses for women, underlining the fact that all the steps in tailoring are his favourite – from designing the creation to small finishing touches. As for the materials, he accentuates all the delicate materials as his favourites, especially velour and muslin. While he talks, his hands work perfectly, in slow flow creating his own rhythm over an embellishment that is a part of a new dress. Whith a smile he adds how delicate and meticulous this work can be, but he couldn`t imagine doing anything else.

To make a high quality suit, it takes around 40 to 60 hours. Ayari is a perfectionist and he tries to make the best garment possible for each client that confides in him. Each step is equally important and he still does almost everything by hand, slowly and precisely.

Tailor made stands for pure luxury and personal style, but why choose Mr. Ayari to handcraft your next suit? Simple answer: he is a perfectionist that let`s creativity in. Through all the steps in the process of making the suit, from measurements, cutting fabric and choosing the style to adjusting, fitting and finishing, Ayari takes his time to achieve the best result that will satisfy you as his customer.

His Story

Every tailor has his own personal story – how and why they started to learn the craft – but this one is very special and it envolves many different countries and cultures. Mr. Noureddine Ayari is an old school gentlemen, a high class tailor, experienced traveller whose most precious treasure are his golden hands.

In 1981. he started living in Belgium, Brussels where he had a turning point in his career at the age of 31. He started working for big fashion brands and high quality sartorial names like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Hermès, Max Mara and Yves Saint Laurent. In the last decade, working in the fashion business people started to approach to him more as an individual tailor and he met a lot of interesting people who soon became his clients.