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All the material that has been prepared is available for you for download and use on any media or promotion. – I would be glad if you would use this material in the communication with your customers, but I would advice not to indicate prices. If you really need to indicate a price, it has to be of at least 1000€ for a suit made of Scabal fabrics. – Please always refer to “Scabal fabrics” when you promote these qualities and avoid sentences that could be understood as referring to a garment of the Scabal Ready-Made Garments. If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to contact me at Benjamin Hegermann Sales Representative

New imagery of Scabal Fabrics Collection SPRING SUMMER 2024

All the material that has been prepared is available for you for download and use on any media or promotion. – I would be glad if you would use this material in the communication with your customers, but please make sure that you NEVER indicate a price. If you really need to indicate a price, it has to be of at least 1000€ for a suit made of Scabal fabrics. – Please always refer to “Scabal fabrics” when you promote these qualities and avoid sentences that could be understood as referring to a garment of the Scabal Ready-Made Garments. If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to contact me at
Benjamin Hegermann Sales Representative
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We are delighted to present the new imagery to support the Scabal collections SPRING SUMMER 2024 season. This imagery is available for you to use in the following ways:

    • Local Advertising
    • Website
    • PR online
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    • Social Media Channels
    • In-Store Windows
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    • Printed promotional materials
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     There is no deadline for the use of these fabric collection images.

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These are the new Scabal bunches for this SPRING SUMMER 2024​


2635 THE ROYAL New version of the best-seller for suitings, 100% Super 100’s Merino Wool in 280g.
2633 CROSSOVER A new, colorful summer version of the 1+1=4 concept with perfectly matching pairs.
2637 SILVER SHADOW Summer suiting’s in a tropical weave of Super 120’s Merino Wool with Natural Stretch.
2636 SLEEK Renewed version of  this luxury lightweight fabric in Super 150’s Wool and Silk. 240gr
2632 PURE LINEN Wide range of colors in 3 different qualities of 100% Linen for Summer suits and jackets.


2630 TAORMINA Refreshing and renewed Summer Jackets inspired by the colours of Sicily. Completed by a colorful range of  Bamboo-Viscose fabrics.
2631 MOSAIC Designed to celebrate checks, these fabrics in a super 130’s wool feels like the essence of Summer.


2634 CASHMERE DENIM Luxurious Cash-Cotton-Stretch: Casual jackets and trousers with a denim look. 270 gr
2638 GOLDEN GATE Luxurious fabrics in Super 180’s and 100% Cashmere.


Armeleder Linings This dramatic artwork is celebrated through a limited-edition lining collection.

For each bunch there is:
– Marketing Film: artistic 3D inspired digital version of the collection

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Description - CASHMERE DENIM

Luxury Comfort

The Luxurious Cashmere Denim collection is a new introduction answering the need for a more casual look that combines luxury softness with functional stretch and breathability for the warmer months. To recreate the denim look, cashmere is mixed with cotton and to add comfort 3% elastane has been added which gives a gentle stretch making this collection ideal for both jackets and trousers. This is a capsule collection of 10 articles all in a twill construction with colours ranging from a bright red and green through to more expected shades of beige, brown, green, grey and blues before closing with 3 shades that feel more like a traditional raw denim in two shades of blue and a black.

501741 – 501750 270 gr 55% Cashmere – 42% Cotton – 3% Elastane


Description - GOLDEN GATE

100% cashmere + super 180’s wool

A new edition to the Scabal collections, Golden Gate is designed for the connoisseur of luxury who also loves colours.

Made in England at the Scabal mill, the collection is designed to work year-round and offers a concise selection of qualities and colours split into 4 chapters:

At the start we have 10 articles in 100% Cashmere twill at 280gm, this is followed by 6 additional cashmere articles in a plain weave at a lighter 200gm.

The 2nd half is made up of exquisite Super 180’s wool t in 2 weights, 7 shades at 240gm and 6 at the heavier 300gm both in a twill weave.

This is a reliable collection of plains with colours ranging from bold reds, greens and browns to the more traditional shades of blue and black.

501761 – 501770 280 gr 100% Worsted Spun Cashmere
501771 – 501776 200 gr 100% Worsted Spun Cashmere
501777 – 501783 240 gr 100% Super 180’s Wool
501784 – 501789 300 gr 100% Super 180’s Wool


Description - THE ROYAL

Super 100’s wool

One of the Scabal foundation collections, The Royal offers a large selection of the highest quality Super 100’s suiting fabrics.   At 280gm, this is a year-round staple collection.  Presenting over 80 articles there is an abundance of choice across checks, glen checks, stripes, patterns and micro designs and shadow weaves alongside a large selection of plains.

Colours remain within the sartorial palette, blues, greys, browns and blacks with small colour pops appearing within the checks to add interest and depth.

706081 – 706164 280 gr 100% Super 100’s Wool


Description - CROSSOVER

super 130’s    1+1=4

Crossover is becoming the go-to collection for spring summer wardrobes. The colours and patterns are updated regularly but the concept remains the same.  Fabrics are designed in pairs with one a plain and one a check, created to work together or separately.  Select a suit from each design and then mix and match them to create unique outfits for every occasion.

This is our most colourful collection to date, constructed in a Super 130’s wool the fabric has a soft, lightweight feel which is enhanced by the colour palette. Opening with a selection of soft pastel shades, combinations of light blue, pink, cream, grey and purple all feature the collection then becomes more intense with darker shades of tobacco, green, cobalt blue and browns creating checks of depth and richness.

754871 – 754890 240 gr 100% Super 130’s Wool


Description - SILVER SHADOW

Super 120’s + natural stretch

Silver Shadow is a new collection of fancy suitings in a plain tropical weave.  Constructed from 100% Super 120’s wool which has a natural stretch created through the weaving process.

This collection is designed for contemporary suits, the natural stretch gives greater comfort and flexibility of movement to the wearer and the 230gm weight makes the cloth ideal for the warmer months.

The 36 articles provide a generous amount of choice, select from spring checks, delicate pinstripes, tonal glen checks, subtle window pane or striped designs or for lovers of colour the selection of plains stretches from creams, light blues and muted raspberry to more intense forest green and browns and closes with some classic shades of grey, blue and black

754931 – 754966 230 gr 100% Super 120’s Wool

2636 SLEEK

Description - HYBRID

Super 150’s and silk

This elegant summer collection has been renewed this season.  Constructed from Super 150’s wool with 15% silk to create a luxuriously lightweight fabric.  This feeling is enhanced but the colour palette which opens with a selection of muted pastels featuring caramel and peppermint plains followed by a selection of delicate window pane checks.  Colours and designs then become richer with a selection of tonal patterns and designs across shades of blue and grey.

Sleek is the ideal collection to create a contemporary summer suit or jacket ideal for work or play.

754901 – 754926 240 gr 85% Super 150’s Wool – 15% Silk


Description - Pure Linen
Pure Linen is the must-have collection for summer staples.  The Scabal collection offers a selection of weights, feels and colours to answer the needs of summer tailoring.

Opening with 20 delavé articles, this soft washed linen is available in colours ranging from bright reds, vibrant greens, sky blues as well some essential shades of dark blues, light creams and natural browns.

Moving through the collection you will see 8 shades in a heavier 260gm and for those looking for more structure a small selection at 400gm again in the essential linen colours, off white, cream, beige and navy blue.

802981 – 803000 250 gr 100% Pure Linen
803001 – 803008 260 gr 100% Pure Linen
803009 – 803012 400 gr 100% Pure Linen


Description - TAORMINA

Summer Jacketings

Named after the exclusive resort town on the coast of Scilly, Taormina returns this season refreshed and renewed.  Designed with summer in mind the collection is relaxed and colourful with a combination of different constructions which fall into 3 chapters.

9 articles in a wool, silk and linen mix, open the range, this traditional summer combination creates cloths that are lightweight and naturally breathable with the silk adding an additional element of luxury.

New to the Scabal collections is the introduction of 11 articles made in Bamboo Viscose, this unique material adds an unrivalled richness to the colours along with a soft sheen that illuminates the fabrics and gives it a soft silky touch.

Colours range from bright and dramatic, reds, oranges, blues, purples and tobacco to more considered combinations of blues, browns and creams.

Closing the collection is a small selection of structured plains in dark blues designed to create a modern blazer ideal for those with more conservative tastes.

853411 – 853419 250 gr 38% Wool – 34% Silk – 28% Linen
853420 – 853432 270 gr 100% Viscose of Bamboo
853433 – 853434 280 gr 52% Polyester – 43% Wool – 5% Elastane
853435 – 853436 280 gr 46% Polyester – 40% Wool – 9% Polyamide – 5% Elastane


Description - MOSAIC

Super 130’s wool

Mosaic is a concise collection of jacketing fabrics that feels like the essence of summer.  Designed to celebrate checks, this collection is alive with colour both in the ground weave and in the patterns themselves.

The collection presents a rainbow of colour combinations, purples combined with light greys, creams with light blues and brighter blues with soft reds.  The key seasonal colours are blues, greens, reds and browns which all feature either as the main colour or highlights within the checked patterns.

The 100% Super 130’s wool is finished to give a dry hand feel which makes it as practical as it is beautiful choice for summer jackets.

853441 – 853464 240 gr 100% Super 130’s Wool


Description - Armeleder Linings
Armeleder Linings 2691

by artist John Armleder

Marketing Activity Films

LOOK BOOK AW 2024-25

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LOOK BOOK AW 2023-24

Here you can download the PDF of the LOOKBOOK AW2023-24; NO PRINTED VERSION AVAILABLE

SPRING SUMMER 2024 – Other Marketing Tools

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SEASONAL SPECIAL OFFER Each Season you can select between 2 and max 5 bunches (depends on the turnover) where I can offer you a special price. The aim would be: → to make some of the Scabal fabrics more accessible for your customers → Enable you to push your favorite collections
PERSONAL USE & PRESENTATION GARMENTS What you wear is also what you sell, and especially more sophisticated, fashionable fabrics, you have to show made in a garment. → I can offer you a DISCOUNT for what you want to wear yourself or what you want to put in the window.
EVENT & PROMOTION If you are planning a promotion / event let me know we can always discuss: – a SPECIAL OFFER for a specific collection for 1 month – a DECO PACK / PRESENTATION *** please notice here down the Scabal Mailing!

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