SCABAL Special Editions

SCABAL Treasure Box

Super 150’s Merino wool
Four years after the launch of the first TREASURE BOX collection.

Scabal is re-releasing this exclusive fabric featuring 24-carat-gold and platinum thread.

It was in 1999 that Scabal began to design prestigious fabrics using 22 carat gold and extra-fine wool.
They were followed by several precious collections featuring diamonds and lapis lazuli. The perfect combination of technique and style, the fabrics showcase the unequalled expertise that Scabal has been developing since 1938. It brings these luxurious creations to life in England.

The new TREASURE BOX collection is presented in a stylish boxed set containing eleven exclusive fabrics, all created from top-quality Super 150’s Merino wool to which Scabal has added gold and platinum. Two fabrics contain platinum, five are inlaid with 24-carat-gold thread, and four contain both gold and platinum thread.

The gold and platinum inlays of the TREASURE BOX collection enhance the midnight blue, charcoal or black wool beautifully, highlighting the elegance of the suit. Depending on the design chosen, the precious metal sparkles bright but remains discrete for connoisseurs.

This new collection is available now.