SCABAL Special Editions

SCABAL Sunrise

50% Super 200’s wool
50% silk
Creative excellence and technical skill are combined in SUNRISE, Scabal’s new beautiful and precious luxury suiting cloth for men of taste and distinction.

Its supremely soft handle, deliciously light feel and exceptionally elegant shine are produced by the marriage of 50 per cent Super 200’s wool and 50 per cent silk. SUNRISE heralds the dawn of a new level of sophistication at the very top of the suitings market.

This marvellous cloth is created in Scabal’s own weaving facility in Huddersfield, in the historic worsted-producing region of West Yorkshire, England. Considerable specialist expertise is required to spin and weave the fine and delicate fibres of Super 200’s wool and silk into this remarkable material. The processes are time-consuming and labour-intensive, but the result merits the effort – SUNRISE is a superb suiting of exceptional quality.

Remarkably soft to the touch, SUNRISE weighs only 220 grams, but the blend of the two exquisite fibres creates a cloth that fine tailors enjoy working with and which performs brilliantly for the wearer.

The high-colour palette for SUNRISE embraces no fewer than 28 designs, including the beiges and light greys that are particularly popular in Asia and in the Middle East. The cloth is finished with a beautiful top decoration that makes it a very soft, fine-looking and colourful suiting.

SUNRISE will be available in the 65 countries in which Scabal is present. It will be delivered in a gift box with a certificate, individually numbered and signed by Gregor Thissen, the Executive Chairman of Scabal.