SCABAL Special Editions


Super 150’s, 180’s and 200’s
Luxury clothing company Scabal is always aiming higher and pushing the limits. Scabal has played a pioneers role in the development of prestigious and unique qualities and is therefore extremely proud to announce the arrival of a unique and exceptional cloth, SUMMIT.

Scabal searched the world for the finest possible wool, found it in Australia and created a cloth worthy of the name SUMMIT. This cloth is so fine to touch that Scabal’s own technicians immediately classified it as “very rare wool”. SUMMIT is woven from an extremely ultra-ultra fine fibre. The wool is consistent along its length and deserves nothing but the finest treatment. To maintain its natural qualities, it was an obvious choice not to blend the wool with other luxury fibres. The result of this cloth is due to the ultrafine wool, which has high strength, incomparable lustre and a natural comfort, which is due to the fibres’ wave-like crimps.

To preserve the natural qualities of SUMMIT, the wool has been meticulously processed using traditional artisan methods in Scabal’s own mill in Huddersfield, England. From cleaning through spinning to a medium count of two nineties (2/90) and weaving to final finishing, no effort has been spared. There are of course limits to the processing of such fine fibres. Scabal was however the first to launch a Super 150’s, 180’s and 200’s.
Today, Scabal is taking it one step further with SUMMIT, a cloth produced with a technical tour de force that previously did not seem possible.

SUMMIT is a cloth in a medium all-year round weight of 280g/m and gives the ultrafine wool a full, rich and flowing handle. Traditional processing follows SUMMIT to the very end, with a unique paper pressing for comfort, drape and easy tailoring. SUMMIT is 100% wool with a handle and feel to rival cashmere and an elegant, natural drape that truly does make it the ultimate choice for the connoisseur.