SCABAL Special Editions

SCABAL Diamond Chip

Super 150’s with diamond fragments
Scabal has created a new “Diamond Chip” collection 10 years after its first launch.The collection is an elegant 260g Super 150’s suiting cloth with diamond chips.First introduced in 2001, the cloth is still produced in Scabal’s own mill in Yorkshire,England.

Diamonds have been a source of fascination for centuries. They are the hardest and the most brilliant amongst all gems. It was a natural desire for Scabal to create a blending with our finest cloth. In 2001, Scabal was proud to create the first collection combining diamond fragments from a renowned company in Antwerp, known as one of the world’s most important diamond centres.

Since the late 1990’s, Scabal has also launched fabrics with gold, platinum and lapis lazuli, in its quest for the ultimate combination of precious stones and superfine fabrics.
The new collection, now available at prestigious locations worldwide, comprises no less than 24 different patterns. A quality guarantee statement “Scabal – Super 150’s – Silk with diamond fragments – made in England” is woven into the selvedge of the fabric.
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary Collection, Scabal will also create a unique diamond cufflink, produced in limited edition. More information will follow about this exclusive handmade item.


For the first time, Scabal is offering its amazing “Diamond Chip” cloth for jacketings. Woven by a special process in Scabal’s own mill in Yorkshire, England, the new collection features a confident and exciting range of 12 shades that run from black and deep blue to bright red and vivid yellow.

As always, the “Diamond Chip” cloth is a 260g Super 150’s silk in a plain basket weave. Since 2001, this exceptional quality has won worldwide renown as an elegant, unique suiting.

Given the strong demand in all markets for sporty and luxurious tailored jackets to be worn with contrasting trousers, Scabal has developed this new take on proven favourite. The “Diamond Chip jacketings” collection will satisfy a market demand for luxury cloths in the casual wear and weekend wear sectors.

The jacketings collection, now available through Scabal’s network of prestigious stockists worldwide, carries a woven selvedge stating “Scabal – Super 150’s – Silk With Diamond Fragments – Made In England”.

Scabal sources its diamond fragments from a highly respected company in Antwerp, one of the centres of the world’s diamond trade. Since the late 1990s, Scabal has won a global reputation for its technical skill in developing cloth that combines precious stones and metals with superfine fabrics. Gold, platinum and lapis lazuli, as well as diamonds, are all used in Scabal’s specialist cloths.

Always with their eyes on the demands of the global luxury goods market, the design and technical teams at Scabal continue to blend human creativity and technical excellence. The “Diamond Chip” jacketings selection is yet another first for Scabal. The ideal complement to this jacketings selection is Scabal’s superb “Concerto” collection for trousers. In 100% wool, this Super 150’s quality weighs 240gr and is available in 26 plain twill fabrics, with a palette running from beige to black.


Perhaps men are not so easily seduced by jewelry, but they will certainly appreciate this tailor-made gem of a suit. For all the men out there who insist upon a “Rolls Royce” suit, Scabal has designed a cloth, which incorporates diamond fragments. Diamonds have been a source of fascination for centuries. They are the hardest and the most brilliant amongst all gems. This fabric range, which has been christened “Diamond Chip”, comes in a variety of patterns and colours.

Anyone who mentions luxury suits automatically thinks of Scabal, the luxury menswear company who constantly strives to innovate. In 2001, Scabal created the first cloth containing diamond fragments. This involved a great deal of research and development. After all, it was not Scabal’s intention to design a museum piece, but instead to design a cloth that could be turned easily into a stylish and elegant suit.

The diamond chips are processed into the cloth as soon as the wool has been cleaned and combed. Microscopically small diamond fragments are then spread on the wool, and it is only then that the wool is spun. The result is a shiny thread to be woven into exceptional fabrics. The latter not only shine literally and

figuratively, but they also feel comfortable and hang beautifully. Scabal never sacrifices comfort for the sake of beauty.

The cloth consists of a Super 150’s wool (80 %) – into which diamond fragments have been processed – and pure silk (20 %). Once again, the cloth is being woven at Scabal’s own mill in Huddersfield (England) where passion, innovation and creativity have been woven into our cloths for over 500 years.

The subtle grey, brown, and blue tints, the woven stripy patterns and the semi-plain patterns do perfect justice to the sparkling diamonds. Ideal for men who like celebrating in sheer luxury.