SCABAL Special Editions

SCABAL Passion

Super 200’s wool with the finest cashmere and silk
A new introduction from Scabal, the Passion collection combines Super 200’s wool sourced directly from specialist wool farmers in Australia, with the finest cashmere and silk to create a special edition of 12 fabrics.
By sourcing the wool directly, we can guarantee not just the overall quality of the wool and the wellbeing of the sheep, but a yarn that is constructed from the finest raw materials with unusually long fibres and an exceptional crimp which results in an fabric that is as strong as it is beautiful.

Woven with precision in England at the Scabal Mill, this exclusive fabric collection is our latest limited edition and joins the elite 900’s club. The range opens with 2 subtle checks followed by soft stripes, intricate motive woven designs and discreet pick-and-pick patterns, the assortment concludes with a selection of core suiting colours in plains, including a timeless black option.
What sets this collection apart is its remarkable lightweight feel and soft, fine texture. The Super 200’s wool brings an unparalleled level of fineness, the cashmere contributes luxurious softness, and the silk enhances the brilliance of the colours. This is a suiting collection designed for the true connoisseur who appreciates the epitome of quality and craftsmanship and has a genuine passion for cloth.