Winter Jacketings and Festival Selection

With these sets we offer you the best of SCABAL’s Winter season 2017/18.
We have selected the most wanted heavy jacketings, from the Autumn Leaves and Loch Lomond collections, and the amazing Festival bunch, with its suitings and jacketings for ceremonial occasions.
With our sets, you have at your disposal more than 100 samples of SCABAL fabrics, a pretty nice range of these desired materials, very often so difficult to get.

Winter Jacketings

The collection in this folder offers fabrics from the classics of Autumn Leaves and Loch Lomond from SCABAL AW17/18.
The collection of Autumn Leaves includes checks, overchecks, glen checks and tartans in colours from pale to bottle greens, rusty reds and blues from across the spectrum, sometimes blended for a strong, high contrast look, and elsewhere softly finished for a more refined result.
From the Loch Lomond collection, the designs include herringbones, hopsack and overchecks as well as plain. Crafted from Super 140’s and cashmere in 320g weight, the designs and colours are elegant in their simplicity.