From the whole shirting fabrics collection we have currently at your disposal, we have made our own selection and produced sample cards for that.
And to make it easier for you, we created these two sets considering different styles: Business and Fashion.



In our Business Shirting selection, you will find the most classical fabrics.
White, blue and grey are surely the most common colours here. When discretion and formal looking is what you are looking for, the light pale shades are undoubtedly a must.
For the design, here you will find mostly plain fabrics, but also some discreet checks and stripes, as well as other traditional patterns.
The folder contains 25 cards and a total of about 200 samples, all composed of cotton and some with a little of stretch.


In our Fashion Shirting selection, you will find more fashionable fabrics.
If you are looking for a special style, a vintage or punk, rock ‘n roll look, then you will probably find here a fabric that will meet your requirements.
A rich colour palette: intense and warmer shades, from the traditional blue and grey to a bright red, orange, purple or very dark brown and green.
There are plenty of different prints. You will find denim with scooters, stripes with skulls, small or big dots, floral patterns, geometrical shapes…
Just like the Business folder, this Fashion selection includes 25 cards and a total of about 200 samples, where besides the cottons and stretch, you will also find some linen fabrics.
In case you need more information, just send us an e-mail to info@partners-in-bespoke.com