Project Partners-in-Bespoke Africa

Flower broche made of  luxury fabrics from original

SCABAL bunches.

Details of the Project

This is a project of Partners-in-Bespoke in cooperation with the Association HOPE with the aim to offer an alternative to women in rural African areas with limited opportunities.

IN CONCRETE: The luxury fabrics contained in the bunches will be given a second life as a handmade accessories in shape of a flower, tie or other. Partners-in-Bespoke will provide the Scabal bunches and propose to women / girls interesting in tailoring, to manufacture them. This will enable to recycle the Scabal Fabric bunches (that otherwise would end in the bin) and provide opportunities for women in need. The manufactured products  will be then offered as accessories to the shops and tailors selling Scabal fabrics.

-Partners-in-Bespoke commits to order 500 broches at a price of 0,50€ each from a max of 5 Schools, on the condition that they correspond to the quality standards.

-All the profit generated with this project will be transferred to the association HOPE for projects with the aim to develop the traditional tailoring amongst women in Africa.

Tutorial for flower broche


You will need:

  • 2 pieces of contrast fabrics;
  • Strong thread matching color;
  • Needle;
  • Pattern 5 cm diameter;
  • Metal pin;
  • Scissors.

Using a pattern cut out 5 circles from a fabric.

Fold 1 circle in half. Fold a half circle again into triangle. Stitch the bottom of triangle. Fix it tight into the first petal.

Repeat all the steps with 5 petals. Stitch all 5 petals tight together into a flower.

Assembling the flower:

  • Take a metal pin;
  • Cut out a circle from a contrast fabric for a top of the nail;
  • Fold a fabric around the top of the nail;
  • Fix the fabric tight with a few stitches;
  • Put a nail inside the flower and fix with a few stitches;
  • Voila! Your flower is ready!

Tutorial Videos


  • These bunches are original bunches of the Luxury fabric supplier SCABAL, The bunches are put to disposal free of charge, the transport costs covered by Partners-in-Bespoke.
  • The aim of this project are School for Tailoring in Africa for Women.
  • To mention that every bunch contains also a piece of wood, that can be used for other accessories.

If you would like to participate to this project and you would like to receive some bunches or if you have any further question or proposal, don’t hesitate to contact us at