Partners in Bespoke folder

At Partners in Bespoke we know how important samples are for the Made-to-Measure and Bespoke businesses. Online pictures are a simple and fast way to get to know products from all over the world, but nothing can replace live materials, that people can touch, feel the texture, see the real colours and all small details.
That is why we decided to create a folder for your sample material.
A practical and elegant way to store and present samples.
With three big rings, the folder is meant to take up to 25 sample cards.
Your samples will be well protected by the hard, robust and scratch-resistant material of which it is made.
The magnetic closure makes it very simple and practical to use.
The black color, with contrasting silver logo and text, as well as its smooth touch give it an elegant and sophisticated look.
You can store it discretely somewhere in your shop or, if you wish, use it open as part of your shop decoration.



Size: height 29 cm, width 18 cm, depth 5 cm
Colour: black and silver

In case you need more information, just send us an e-mail to info@partners-in-bespoke.com