PiB Cards – Full Collection Overview

PiB- Cards

The fabrics samples for the COUPON SERVICE proposed by Partners-in-Bespoke are presented in form of CARDS contained in a FOLDER.
– On each CARD there is a big quality feeler of about 12x16cm and, if available, a range of variantions. Here you can find all the details concerning the fabric, a description and a Q-code leading to the online shop.

1) select and order single CARDS and set up your own personalized FOLDER with only the CARDS you need,
2) Order one of the pre-made FOLDERS containing a selection of CARDS  attributed to a certain Quality / Design / Group;
– for example select the FOLDER BUSINESS SHIRTS and you will get all the cards with fabrics and designs suitable for a business shirt.

VERY IMPORTANT – CONTRIBUTION: for each order / shipment of CARDS / CARDS GROUP we ask for a CONTRIBUTION of 25€, this covers the transport cost for the shipping of the samples and a contribution for the manufacturing of the Samples.
*** For some samples, containing very expensive fabrics, the contribution might be higher.

CONTRIBUTION DEDUCTED FROM YOUR 1st ORDER: These 25€ are a credit that will be deducted from your first order. Therefore the cards are FREE OF CHARGE as soon as you order at least once.
*** maybe you want to profit from your first order to order something for yourself so you can test the quality? Send us the details of your favorite fabric and we would be glad to make you an offer. 

If you have any question or if you need something else, don’t hesitate to contact me at benjamin@partners-in-bespoke.com, normally I answer very fast.

SINGLE CARDS: if you would like to see the details of single cards, a picture and eventually order them, singularly, you are welcome to visit our online shop:

And select the SAMPLES. If you want you can also order them singularly, the FOLDER will be provided free of charge.

For your interest and to take your time to select the CARD GROUPS you would like to receive.