Unique product lines for both women and men


We offer unique product lines for both women and men within four categories : Body Care, Home Care, Leather-ware and Eau de Parfum.
In the leather-ware selection, Astrid Beerkens created a collection of bags and accessories exclusively for My7Ways and you can choose from wide range of luxurious bags, wallets, office bags and travel bags.
Specially tailored to the needs of the ambitious business woman or business man who understand that the importance of the first impression. The bags are hand made in Portugal from the highest quality leather. The collection that Beerkens designed for My7Ways is high quality, hand made and made of the best calf leather. The collections are available as a limited edition. All woman collections are available in the 7 colors of the rainbow.

“Inspired and guided by the magic number 7 the product lines are available in 7 different themes and moods: each in a color of the rainbow.”

Their work

As for the line of Bodycare products of My7Ways, it includes: Body Lotion, Body oil and Shower gel. All products have the same subtle 7 fragrances of the My7Ways Eau de parfumes – each with its own character. By using natural ingredients, such as almonds, vanilla and fresh flowers, our perfumes have become seductive, unique and irresistible.
For your home, My7Ways offers 7 different lines of candles and scent sticks. Our candles will fill your home with scent and design for hours. Our scent sticks will last for months and we hope their fragrance will become connected to your best memories.

Their Story

Astrid Beerkens is a strong, independent woman that is a founder of a beautiful concept brand “My7Ways”. Inspired and guided by the magic number 7 the product lines are available in 7 different themes and moods: each in a color of the rainbow. These 7 colours correspond with different personality types, so we are always able to assist you in finding a personal gift. With the purchase of each gift there is a possibility of creating a personal message that can be engraved on a stylish leather label or on your gift itself. All the products are wrapped luxuriously in a special gift box or gift bag which gives just that little extra touch and more enjoyment of your gift!

For a large part of our products, it’s also possible have your message engraved directly onto your gift itself. In this way, the recipient of your gift will always be reminded of you whenever he or she uses it.
The only thing you need to do is to enter your personal message in the appropriate text box on the product page. When it is possible to directly engrave your message onto the product you have selected, the option for the location of your message will be available directly underneath the text field.