Fabric Training in Huddersfield

We take you to Yorkshire, to a charming town Huddersfield where you will learn more about fabrics and visit mills where you can see traditional production of fabrics.

Within the mills, every manufacturing process is the personal responsibility of a craftsman who has served as an apprentice in fine worsted production. These skills are passed on with great dedication to the next generation.

We will visit mills that have been working in the production of fine fabrics since 100 years ago, you will see all the steps in the process and fabric finishing.

Within the fabric training, you will learn about:

1) Wool: How do you go form a keeping sheep to producing wool that can be transformed into a luxurious fabric.

2) Yarns: How thick is a yarn with a super 200’s wool? What does 2% Cashmere in a fabric actually mean? How do you twist a 4 ply yarn?

3) Weaving: how do you go from a yarn to a fabric? How much of the work is still done by hand? How can you fit 6000 ends in 1.50m?

4) Finishing: A physical / mechanical / chemical process which transforms a textile into a smooth and soft fabric. Demonstrations on how it should be done properly.

Pray that it will be a foggy and rainy day! It will give you the genuine Yorkshire experience, and the beer in the pub after a hard day’s work will taste even better.

If you are interested in this trip, please fill in the form below and provide us with some information about yourself, what you would like to do and when you would be available. We will contact you with a proposal.

Prices may vary, but please consider a budget of around 500 Euro/ person for a 2 day + 2 night program. The price includes visits to the mills, 2 night accommodation in a luxurious hotel, breakfast & dinner and transport (except aeroplane).