Best Dressed Sales Person in SCABAL Fabrics

THIS IS A COMPETITION – A CHALLENGE. The Sales Person / Style Advisor is supposed to be able to offer the best possible styling advice to his customer. So, prove it to me: upload a picture of you dressed up at your best and sent it to me.

ATTENTION: there are 2 conditions:
1) it HAS to be a Scabal Fabric; maybe not the full garment but it has to be the main fabric. Please specify the article number when uploading your picture.

2) These pictures will use to show what is possible, so they will be public, we want to show to the world what is real style and we want people to see / share it.

PLESE NOTICE: “Sales Person” is supposed to be gender neutral, so both Ladies and Gentlemen are welcome!

You are welcome to indicate your name and your shop if you want it to be visible. Then maybe potential customers that like your style will be able to find you.

MY PROMISE: if I see a real effort from your side, there will be a real 1st, 2nd and 3rd price. I’m, thinking of a Learning by doing Travel to Yorkshire, a weekend in a Castel in Tuscany…you won’t be disappointed.  

JURY: I promise you that it will be transparent. We will have to finalize the system as soon as we see the impact of this, but I can already anticipate that it will be a mix of Likes, the courage of the person and an external Jury of experts.

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