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    What is your favorite colour? Explain why?

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    Would you consider yourself as an accurate person? Why?

    Why are you here? Why are you filling in this form?

    What changed for you during this COVID:
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    Situation 1

    Marc is driving so cannot answer his phone. He receives an email (see below) from Myriam, he forwards it to you asking you to take care of it:

    From: Myriam
    Sent: wednesday 15th April 2020 13:01
    To: Marc
    Subject: Re: RE: FW: question

    Hi Marc,

    For this payment the order was made on Thursday and we only received on Friday. And Monday is a holiday. I think it is not good to argue like this for one day or two days. But still so far we work very well with you. I only can say we did not Change much on our way to paying your company. It seems that your attitude and procedure is changing. If now you will really sticks to 1 or 2 days after order. We have to go back to our customers to renegotiate the payment terms. At current situation I don’t know what does this mean for our business relationship with our customers.

    My last order is last Thursday, last Friday and yesterday is 2days, Monday is holiday.

    Yes, you can call me, around 5pm, is ok?



    1. Write an email to answer Myriam.
    2. Explain what you would do and why.

    To be done in EN. Eventually if you wish you can also answer in FR, IT, DE.

    Situation 2

    Can you please tell him that it is not possible as the deadline was the 1st of May, we made already an effort to wait until May, now it is too late. We cannot change it anymore.

    Bonjour Marc,

    Avant que le directeur ne s´exprime sur les prix spéciaux, je me suis attardé sur le choix des prix spéciaux , je trouve que COLLECTION 1 est une collection d´hiver pas très bien adapté a l´été, je souhaite lancé a sa place un vrai tissu d´été comme mohair and soie qui a bcp de potentiel pour la saison mais bien moins exploité , pourtant il répond a bcp de critères comme la légèreté , fraicheur et se froisse peu.



    To be done in French. Eventually if you wish you can also answer in FR, IT, DE.

    Consider the following invoice:


    Values in €:

    Verify the VAT nr:

    Explain in short what is art. 39:


    As for the moment we won’t be able to meet you in person, in order to get a better understanding of your personality, we would like to propose you to upload one or more pictures of you:
    - a profile picture, for example to be used to show you as a member of our team
    - your favorite picture, where you think this is really you
    - an elegant picture of yours.

    Please note:
    - no need for professional pictures, the quality of the picture won’t be important, it is about you.
    - WE WILL NOT SHARE ANY PICTURE WITH ANY 3rd PARTY, these will be ONLY FOR INTERNAL USE. As soon as the follow up of the assessment center will be finalised, we will DELETE ALL THE PICTURES of all the candidates that won’t be considered. We will not use these pictures anywhere WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT

    IMPORTANT: there is no obligation, pictures would help us to understand you better , but if you prefer not to share any, it is fine for us.

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    Concrete about you

    Do you have an experience in Home Office? Can you tell us more?

    Can you describe your working place at home?

    Please evaluate yourself and your personal attitude in regard to the skills listed below. Given a choice, which one would be your top 3?

    Would you like to work in a Home Office, or would you prefer to have an external office?

    Positions available immediately or soon



    In short (details to follow)

    CRM update & Research

    Take care of the database, update, find new leads, newsletter, statistics, set up new functionalities (there is an IT expert there to help you with the technical details).

    Customer service

    Answer questions, follow up, give prices, info, call, ask, propose or just be present, smiley and always good mood ;-).

    Textiles / styles

    Find a fabric based on a picture, compare 2 fabrics, 2 materials, set up a quality control process, create matches, combinations and find out where the trend is going.

    Creation of Content x Websites (not web design)

    Prepare images, texts, verify, promote, answer the chat, make videos, posts and clean up the posts.

    Local contact / Social Media
    *** can be connected to customer service

    Make sure everyone knows us, translate update the website in your language, make sure we are present on blogs, Instagram etc.

    Tailoring expert

    How to take measures, pattern, 3D measurements, find out why it does not fit, etc.


    What is the position you are applying for (if you want to apply for something else, just propose, you never know).


    Why do you think you have the skills?

    Why do you think that you are the best candidate?

    What do you know about us?

    Upload your documents

    Here you are welcome to upload up to 5 documents or pictures that shall explain more about you
    I guess I don’t have to say that I’m not interested in your nudes and that spamming will be pursued.

    CV (max file size 4mb):

    Certificates (max file size 3mb):

    Recommendation letter (max file size 3mb):

    Other: (can be publications, pictures, drawings, buildings, your room anything you feel is important.) (max file size 3mb)

    Application Letter

    In case your candidature will be considered, it will have to be presented to the board of directors. Please write a letter in EN where you introduce yourself, you explain who you are, what position you are applying for and why you think you are the best candidate for it.